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Smipack HS500 SERVO

  • Merk: Smipack
  • Type: Half-buis-folie-machine
  • Afmetingen in mm (LxBxH): 2725 x 1550 x h 1505 – 1665
  • Gewicht (kg): 830 kg

Continuous automatic packer box motion

The HS series with continuous sealing and intermittent or box motion cycle can handle Polyolefin and Polyethylene, Polypropylene centerfolded or flat film with film folder PX, and is suited to meet outputs of up to 7200 packs/hour and 9000 packs/hour with customized solutions.

  • Continuous automatic packer with 3 belts controlled by brushless servomotor
  • Continuous working cycle (box motion) by cam electronics self-configuring
  • Side sealing system by friction with hot blade
  • Continuous motion cross sealing bar with PTFE-coated sealing blade controlled by brushless servomotor
  • FLXMOD® control system equipped with:
    – Operator Interface with Panel PC and 7” full-colour touch screen display
    – PLC
  • Power and control section consisting of:
    – drivers and inverters for each motor
    – IN/OUT control modules with 16 digital inputs/outputs
    – analog inputs control modules
    –  thermocouple-reading control modules
  • This system is able to check all operations, simply and precisely, such as:
    – gap of products automatically controlled
    – electronic checking of the film tension
    – adjustment of cross bar height
    – dual sealing temperature adjustment, both for the longitudinal and the cross sealer
    – sealing time adjustment
    – possibility of packaging individual packs or groups of products
    – electronically controlled conveyor belt speed
    – process statistics
  • Motorized center seal system
  • 20 storable programs
  • Infeed conveyor released from the square to facilitate the film insertion
  • Systems for the leading guide and the decrease of the film tension placed before the cross bar and the longitudinal
  • Height adjustment of the longitudinal sealer
  • Emergency button
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Compliance with CE regulations



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Max rol afmeting

600 x 350 mm

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