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The HS range of intermittent and box motion continuous packers has been enriched with two new models with full electric operation. The HS800 and HS800 Servo models complete the HS range and are ideal for the packaging of large products.


Continuous automatic packer with 3 belts and intermitten cycle

HS800 Servo

Continuous automatic packer with 3 belts and box motion cycle

These advantages, joint with the unquestionable features already present in the HS series, make the HS800 and HS800 Servo models two excellent solutions for the packaging of large products and can be combined with a new tunnel model:

Thanks to its size and width of the oven belt, the new T852H is ideal to be combined with the new HS series models. The features that distinguish this model are:

  • installed power: 24800 W
  • maximum product height: 350mm

For updates about deliveries and prices of the new machines please contact our sales office.

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